Monday, June 30, 2008

Anarchy Is Always Working

Anarchists have that sincere and in many aspects exclusive trait among ideologues, in that their namesake aspiration is assumed as implicitly esoteric. Anarchy is to the Democrat, as the Republic is the Monarch and the Commune is to the Czar. Threatening to the passions, yet seductive to the reasons - in any honest discourse.

Anarchism is not something to be implemented, like one would implement a policy or leader with a declaration or constitution. Anarchy is nearly everywhere. Defined as “any place where there is no coercion occurring”, all of outer space is in a condition of Anarchy. So I say we put to bed these silly notions that Anarchy “just doesn’t work”. If by work, you mean any of these:

then please specify. If not, shut up with the irrational argument which employs undefined terminology.

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