Friday, May 30, 2008

Questions Any Philosophical Anarchist Can Try To Answer

#1. Are humans causing global warming? Whether they are or not, do we as a species have an obligation to stop it? Aside from that question, what amount of pollution constitutes government? If the temperature rises to 130 degrees every summer and people are dying in the streets as a result of gases expelled from inefficient technology, would some form of intervention be necessary to prevent the use of that technology?

#2. If your particular State provides it, look up the sexual predators in your city online. In a properly functioning anarchist system, what social history deserves to be private? Is it a good or bad thing that anyone may at any moment know where any known pathological governor exists?

#3. In one box, I have a healthy calico cat comprised of exactly ten trillion cellular organisms, all cooperating to form the cat. In another box, I have a primordial soup of exactly ten trillion cellular organisms, drifting in gooey anomie among one another.

I decide to put one of these boxes into an incinerator and incinerate it.

Is it more or less moral to incinerate one of these boxes and it’s contents rather than the other?

#4. You are hiding in the secret basement of a shanty of a seedy Vietnamese village.

Foreign troops are coming to slaughter the inhabitants. You and ten other people are holding your breath as you hear the enemy walking into the shanty above you. Suddenly, a woman’s baby begins to cry. If the only possible way to stop the baby from crying is to suffocate it, would you suffocate the baby in order to prevent the soldiers from hearing it and killing all of you?

#5. If someone tells you every day,

“I’m going to kill you, rape your dead body, and set fire to your friend’s houses”, and it seems like they mean it, do you (or anyone) have a right to preemptively restrain this person in a prison because of it?

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